Experience … typically … is a very … Subjective Thing.

Like, how do you measure something like experience … when there are so many different emotions and personalities and … personal preferences … and … this might work for you, but it doesn’t work for me kind of things out there? What’s good … in one person’s eyes … could be considered terrible to the […]

The Only Way to Communicate Fearlessly (about anything):

Well, that “one way” … has a few moving pieces … but that’s besides the point … what I’m talking about is … “Strategic Preparation.” Consider this: from a neuroscientific standpoint, when someone nervously speaks about … anything … the person’s nervous tonality literally sends off “threat” signals to whoever is listening. You can have […]

I use Basic Principles of Neuroscience in my Communication Strategies

Our brain’s primary purpose for thousands, or perhaps even millions of years now, is to keep us alive, so it’s constantly making snap decisions and assigning values to everything it comes across. It’s pretty much like it has programs running in the background, like a subconscious, anti-virus software. And the snap, subconscious decisions our brains […]

Intro to the First :28 Seconds

I’ve developed a decent amount of training materials over the years for communications. Earlier this year, I helped to develop a communications framework training program … for the Account Management Department where I work, so … think of Contact and Engagement Strategies, Structured Welcome Calls with talking points on what to cover, what NOT to […]