What If You DON’T Discuss Budgets Early in your Process?

Long story as short as possible, my wife and I recently had a pool built. It’s awesome! We went through the purchasing process with four different pool builders. We wanted to check out five, but one of them had an absolutely terrible first call with my wife and she didn’t allow the salesperson to schedule […]

There’s Nonverbal Communication even in our Verbal Communication

So when you think of non-verbal communication, the first thing that probably jumps to mind is body language. And I think it’s probably a normal assumption to think that stuff like body language, and facial expressions, and certain physiological triggers (like talking with your hands) don’t really matter when doing business over the phones because […]

Experts vs. Novices & the Science Behind First Impressions

I have a theory that reasonable, mature adults will gladly pay a little more (within reason, of course) for quality products and service. By default, people will go with the cheapest option when they: need help with something that they can’t figure out on their own, and everyone they spoke with pretty much sucked at […]

Here’s a chapter pertaining to “the Mindset”

And then Novice Communicators will say something like: “Don’t worry – it’s not really that expensive for my [product / service]. Here, let me just go ahead and answer all your questions and then I’ll tell you about all the features and benefits in an attempt to put your mind at ease.” Meanwhile, what this […]