A Call Breakdown for someone who cold-called me to sell Lead Gen Services

This blows me away: the service this guy was pitching was Lead Generation, where his team would cold call potential clients for my company and set appointments for our sales reps. I would NEVER want my potential clients to have this type of experience for their first interaction with someone who represents my organization!  

the Reasoning for my “Hybrid” SDR Incentive Plan

Most Incentive Plans that I’ve seen for SDRs typically promote quantity over quality (and manipulation). I’ve seen: Low base pay with no incentive plan, so nobody cares Low base pay plus $3 per lead, which promotes manipulation Low base pay with ranges, like: 20 – 25 Qualified leads per month = $250 26 – 35 […]

Two Stage Sales Operation

After a while, when a sales organization’s workload gets high enough, it makes sense to implement a two-stage sales operation. The sales development reps handle the initial interactions (top of the funnel activities) during stage one, and the account executives handle the discovery calls, presenting demos and closing deals (mid to bottom of the funnel […]

What If You DON’T Discuss Budgets Early in your Process?

Long story as short as possible, my wife and I recently had a pool built. It’s awesome! We went through the purchasing process with four different pool builders. We wanted to check out five, but one of them had an absolutely terrible first call with my wife and she didn’t allow the salesperson to schedule […]