the PLATE Framework for Initial Interactions

P.L.A.T.E. Framework

  1. Purposeful Intro & Agenda Statement
    • This will help you to tiptoe past the Turtle and Dog Brain and quickly access the other person’s Neocortex
    • This is how you take charge without being abrasive
    • You should be asking: “So, what can we help with?” at right about :30 seconds
  1. Let them Speak
    • No one likes to be interrogated on initial interactions
    • They’ll speak, but they’ll keep it high-level because of your Intro & Agenda Statement
  1. Ask Intelligence-Gathering Questions
    • These questions should be strategically-sequenced, no more than 7 to 10 questions on interaction one
    • Discovery Call should have more in-depth questions
  1. Transition to What Comes Next
    • Have your next steps planned out
    • Script out commonly-used next steps so that when it comes time to speak about them, you speak naturally
  1. End the Call
    • Experts are in control, therefore they know how and when to end the call

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