When sales teams get to a certain size, there comes a point where it becomes pretty much necessary to implement a 2-Stage Sales Operation where you have SDRs handling the top of the funnel activities which frees the Account Execs up to focus on the middle to bottom of the funnel activities.

You know this already, so here’s the BIG PROBLEM that I help organizations solve:

Old school sales tactics are out—especially with the rise of digital marketing. With how much information we all have access to, potential clients can actually research and familiarize themselves with your company’s products and services BEFORE they ever make (or agree to take) a call.

And of course they can also look up your competitors and your online reviews, so realistically, a good portion of their buying journey is completed before they ever actually speak with you—and we all know how no one likes being “sold,” but everyone loves to buy—especially when it comes to things that they actually need.

Humans just have this internal desire to feel like the decisions they make come from within with no external pressure—especially from sales people—so everyone seems to go into Initial Interactions in heightened, emotional states of mind where they’re overly skeptical and hyper-critical, which means they’re actively looking for reasons to not trust you.

They talk a little tougher because it’s easy to hide behind screens and phones, and old school sales tactics send off the exact type of signals that cause them to flee the encounter and explore options elsewhere—and that’s just one side of the coin for this problem.

The other side is how the humans from the solution provider actually communicate, so realistically, you could be applying zero sales pressure yet still cause potential clients to go dark by communicating poorly.

I mean, think about it: how do you feel when you need help with something so bad that you’re doing Google searches and filling out requests to be contacted and then you get on the phone with someone who sounds like a novice? You quickly check out and seek options elsewhere. On the other hand, get on the phone with someone who sounds like an expert and you’ll happily move to the next step of their process.

So realistically, Initial Interactions are in fact, high-stakes encounters, and if you know how to systematically OPEN the sale in a way that puts the organization in the leadership position, you won’t have to rely on traditional sales tactics when it comes time to close, and this book lays out the framework for how to do it every time.

Do it just right and it sets your account execs up for massive success; do it wrong and it chops their legs out from under them before they have even a chance to step out onto the field, and realistically:




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