You now run a Roofing Company …

So, for a moment, let’s just … forget that you’re a [type of] company … and you’re now a … roofing company. It’s monsoon season in Phoenix, so lots of rain … which means, lots of business.

And this is expected … it’s literally … business seasonality … get it?

So, you guys receive lots of inbound calls during this time of the year, and here’s how some of them go:

Them: “Hi, my roof is leaking … can you come out and take a look at it … today? It’s leaking pretty bad over the kitchen.”

You: “Um … well, we won’t be able to come out today, but I may be able to schedule some time with you for early next week … if that would work?”

Them: “Well, it’s leaking pretty bad and we need this fixed just as soon as possible … so, can I text you some pictures of it so you can see what I’m talking about? I’ll send them as soon as we get off the phone, and then … could you give me some estimates on what it might cost to get this fixed up?”

You: “Well … there’s really no way I can provide an accurate quote without actually inspecting the roof first … I mean sometimes, in most cases, the visible damage isn’t all there is to it …

And then there’s also different construction materials and methods in use out there, so … there’s really no way of coming up with an accurate quote without actually inspecting the site.”

Them: “Oh, okay … well, you know what, then? I’ll um … I’ll just call someone else. Thanks.”

You: “Okay, sure … no problem.”


So, now … worst case, you just lost out on a new business opportunity.

But, best case … (and this actually happens sometimes) … the person calls around to a couple other roofing companies and hears similar stories … except … they can’t come out to look at the roof until two weeks from now, so now … the person calls you back!

Them: “Hi, we spoke yesterday, and I called a few other roofing companies, and they can’t even come out to look at my roof until two weeks from now, so is there any way we can still schedule an appointment for next week?”

You: “Um, yeah … sure. Let’s take a look at our calendars … I can come out on Tuesday afternoon if that would work?”

Them: “Sure … I’ll have to leave work early, but that’s okay … I mean, this needs to be fixed. So, what’s the latest we could schedule?”

You: “Well … it depends on your location, really … um … what’s your address?”

Them: “12345 Whatever Lane. In Mesa.”

You: “Alright so … if traffic treats me right, I could be there by 3pm on Tuesday. Would that work?”


And then you guys schedule some time to come out and inspect the roof, and now … you have to hope … that the person is there at the specified and agreed upon time.

Often times, the person will still call several other roofing companies and schedule appointments to get estimates because … people are always on the lookout for the best deal … and understandably so.

Perhaps an appointment next Tuesday is still too far away for them … I mean, especially with storms expected over the weekend … so maybe they call and get someone to come out Saturday morning … who happens to have the capacity and materials to get started on the job right away.

So, you show up at the address at the agreed upon time to find nobody home.

And then after a while, you call and … leave a voicemail, maybe send a text message or two, but the person has gone dark and you don’t know why.

Maybe they’ll have the courtesy to respond to a text at least … like, “Hey sorry, we went with someone else,” … but that’s if you’re lucky.


So, forget about roofing for a moment … forget about any product or industry for that matter, and just understand and recognize … that under the surface … here’s what potential customers are really saying on the initial interactions:

“Hi, I’m experiencing a problem that I don’t know how to solve on my own … and I’m not sure how to communicate the fact that I’m … frustrated and scared … and don’t know who to trust …

So I’m gonna go ahead and throw out smokescreens to basically cover for my deep-rooted sense of insecurity … AND I’m gonna be hyper-critical and scrutinize every word that you say and every tonality that you use … in order to find a reason to NOT trust you … and then … get this: 

… We’re gonna go ahead and just spiral out of control while haggling about cost … and we’re gonna do all this before I even know if you have a solution that would work for me …

And it’s all rooted in the trust issues that we all have as human beings … because … even though it’s 2018 and we all have smart phones … we’re still very much primal, fear-based creatures.”


So, what I teach with this First :28 Seconds methodology, is how to capitalize on those initial interactions in a way that is … neuroscientifically-designed … to just capture every single lead that is capture-able because these communications frameworks are … in-line … with how the brain prefers to receive and process information instead of going against it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a roofing company or a digital marketing company or an ed-tech company …

It doesn’t matter if you have a 1-call or 2-call close system or if your sales organization requires the highest levels of relationship-building where it takes months to go from first contact to close … because it all starts with the First :28 Seconds.

And I’m not talking about turning “Nos” into “Yesses,” either. I’m talking about capturing the “Maybes” and keeping them moving forward in your process because they feel safe.

Neuroscience process flow


When somebody contacts you about your services, and has a legitimate need and authority and budget, that is a “Maybe.”

So, with the communication frameworks that I’ve developed, you won’t find yourself needing to get tons of leads … you’ll find yourself in a position of power to be able to … authoritatively … sift through and pick the ones that you want to work with and … basically discard the ones you don’t want to work with.

And this empowerment will optimize your entire sales process by making every sale the same … because you will be in control from the very beginning.


Want to know more? Find my FB Page … I have a bunch of videos on there where I explain this stuff in even more detail.

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