I Threw my Phone on the Table

“Since we’ve been in here,” I said … to the person I was meeting with … “Your phone has gone off at least four times.”

She was a little shocked, I could tell, but I wasn’t trying to attack her … I was just trying to make this point:

When you consider how we are constantly bombarded by multiple streams of information, all day every day … and I mean, you have outlook, and gmail, and text messages, and facebook, and Instagram, and everything else … all right here on our phones …

What this means, really … is that our already limited attention spans … are shrinking even more.

“And it’s not just the younger people,” I told her. “It’s you, too … and it’s me. As soon as I leave your office, you’re going to check your Facebook page, and that’s okay, because that’s what I’m going to do, too,” and she laughed and agreed.

I’m not anti-technology, so that’s not the point.

But too much of anything can be a bad thing, and a modern communications trend that I’ve noticed is that … people just … have a hard time … actually speaking about things … and presenting information in a coherent manner … and … listening to others.

Active listening is a skill, but being that our attention spans are literally getting … reduced … by us getting bombarded with multiple streams of information, it’s making it to where the ability to capture someone’s attention … and hold it … for any amount of time …

For … four minutes … six minutes … SIXTY MINUTES !!!

It’s gotten to a point now … where I think it’s a lost art, to be able to communicate in real time, and I blame the rise of smart phones and text messages and emails … but I also understand that that stuff is not going anywhere.

Like I mentioned, I’m not anti-tech.

So, what does any of this have to do with anything?

Well, I think that … the ability to communicate … in a logical and coherent manner has … really become a … competitive advantage … by default.

And if that’s the case, then what do you think will happen … if you learn how to craft and tailor your communication strategies to go in-line … with how the brain prefers to receive and process information … instead of going against it?

I think that, because of real factors like limited attention spans and how technology is stunting our abilities to communicate … that it’s become even more crucial than ever to be on your A-Plus game any time you speak with potential clients or … even current clients.

So this isn’t just a sales or marketing thing that I’m talking about, either … I’m talking about neuroscientifically-designed communications frameworks.

Imagine a world … where people interact without immediately annoying each other … it exists!

your expertise may never have a chance to shine through

I remember training a group of account managers a while back and I told them how I have this theory where, every call … is a sales call. Like, it doesn’t matter if you’re exchanging money or not … every call is a sales call …

Because … you’re either reinforcing your client’s positive perception of the organization … by providing the type of experience that makes them want to keep doing business with you … or you’re not.

So forget about sales for a moment, and imagine trying to influence anyone to do anything … for any reason. Business, personal … doesn’t matter.

Imagine trying to get your kid to clean up after herself … or trying to influence the group you work with to participate in some great idea you have …

Or, how about trying to get your spouse to agree to some great idea you have for the weekend?

Your ability to communicate … will determine your ability … to get others to go along with your ideas … and there is neuroscience behind how to motivate and influence others in a way that is consistent, testable, and most importantly … replicable.

Like, anyone can learn this stuff, and it’s actually quite simple.

You’ll be shocked at how effective it actually is, to do something as simple as … for example … on the intros of your calls, how raising the inflection at the end of a sentence infers a micro-agreement instead of it coming across as a declarative.

So many people go through their lives each day, just winging it when it comes to communications. Some get it right, some don’t … but just think about how … your expertise may never have a chance to shine through if … your intro, how you greet people … on calls or in person … just rubs them the wrong way.

Every day out there, people just … rely on their experience and things they pick up along the way … knowledge about products or services … and then they’ll go interact with potential clients and customers and just kinda go with the flow, and let the clients or potential clients dictate the flow of things.

And this works, too … but top producers who consistently perform at the highest levels … usually have a plan in place, a strategy … a framework … that puts them in the leadership position in the relationship.

They don’t  … just … go with the flow and hope for the best.

I mean, think about it … information is powerful. Words are powerful. Tonality is powerful.

So having the right information rationed out … at the right times … and delivered in the right ways … is the key to capturing the attention of … whoever it is you’re trying to communicate with.


Want to know more? Find my FB Page … I have a bunch of videos on there where I explain this stuff in even more detail.


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